TACO DAY 717/1000


I’ve been seeing these HotWheels Car-de asada cars popping up all over the place and thanks to my lovely wife I was able to score one of my own. And now that I finally have the car we needed the matching taco to pair it with.

The taco cockpit of the Car-De Asada appears to be made from flaming hot tortillas so I grabbed a bag of Flamin Hot Doritos and crushed them up into dust before combining into some corn masa, this gives the tortillas that bright red color.

I took it for granted that the car was most likely powered by Carne Asada as I can’t see the protein of the taco behind the massive 10.3L blown big block v8 sitting up front so I grilled up a massive piece of seasoned arracherra to stuff inside my red tortillas.

Over the top of my taco I applied all the same accoutrements that appear to grace the hot wheel: guac, cilantro, a homemade salsa, and chopped onions.

Finally on the packaging of the Car-De Asada it appears to have a small cup of queso as a front bumper so I grabbed a can of @ricosproducts gourmet nacho sauce for dipping my taco into because I guess that’s what it was for before finally dressing my plate up with some lemon side skirts and lime wheels and tires.

If you have the munchies, this tacos is for you and if you have a hot wheels collection you’re going to love what @hotwheelsofficial has instore for the 2022 Car-De Asada.


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