TACO DAY 728/1000


Spent an afternoon grilling on the 1977 @charbroilgrills cb-940. With some chucked charcoal I cooked up a KILLER round of bacon wrapped and queso stuffed jalapenos along with a fat slice of arracherra. Both of which I seasoned with @meatchurchbbqsupply Holy Voodoo.

That base of this taco is a nopales infused corn tortilla with a couple fatty scoops of HOMEMADE guac to hold the carne asada in place that I piled in. A few sprinkles of cilantro and red onions made up the layer In-between the meat and the bacon wrapped jalapeno. Finally I doused the taco in @mariesharpsusa BEWARE sauce and proceeded to slay.

Also on that plate are some killer scotch bonnet peppers and a “mini corn ” my wife has been growing in her garden.

In the background is a new sticker we’ve printed up. “keep calm & slay tacos” is available if you’re interested in some sticker swaps. 😉


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