TACO DAY 729/1000


This definitely is one of the most exciting tacos we’ve ever created. It started yesterday morning when my wife and I took my son out fishing for his birthday. We’ve been talking about making tacos out of fresh fish we’ve caught since my buddy, Phil, sent us fish from Alaska. We had been ‘catch and release fishing’ a few times but this round we were committed to making it our dinner.

After a lead on some channel catfish we prepped some really stinky bait using mackerel and garlic shrimp and after some 7 or 8 hours of fishing…………my wife reeled in dinner, a real decent 18in in channel catfish.

After breaking the fish down we prepped the filets by dropping them in a milk, egg, @hahahotsauce , salt and pepper for a few hours. While the fish was once absorbing the milk mixture I slaw’d up some cabbage, cilantro, tomato and broccoli with a citrus blend from lime, orange, and lemon juices.

Once the slaw was completed we took the fish and dredged it into panko and flour batter with Cajon seasoning before frying them up.

With a fresh homemade corn tortilla I scooped in some citrus slaw over a layer of spicy cream (sour cream, mayo, chile paste). Next I placed a couple pieces of our just-caught and fried catfish before finishing the taco off with cilantro, red bell peppers, and an extremely generous drizzling from the citrus and pepper heat of @hahahotsauce .

For every reason, this was the most satisfying taco I’ve ever had.


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