TACO DAY 730/1000


Last night was a double taco kind of evening. I started the cook-off with 10lbs of pork shoulder that I dropped into a slow cooker with garlic, onions, and rootbeer for a few hours. The root beer adds a sweet flavor to the pork that pairs well with the spicier ingredients that would come later.

Whilst the pork was cooking we prepped all the accoutrements that would top the tacos: pickled red onions, fresh guacamole, grilled salsa roja, and chopped cilantro.

For the first taco I used a base layer of Guacamole over a blue corn tortilla to hold in the massive scoop of carnitas. Next I simply added in some pickled onions and cilantro.

The second taco was also on a blue corn tortilla but stuffed full of charred poblano peppers and melted pepper jack (similar to the world famous ones served by @eat_alter). This taco also recieved the pickled onions, guacamole and cilantro treatment.

I finished this plate off with big scoop of my Aunt’s homemade Street corn dish and several drops of @lolasfinehotsauce family reserve hot sauce. 🔥

This also marks 2 full years of eating tacos everyday and holy smokes it has been a journey.


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