TACO DAY 753/1000


Yesterday I had the opportunity to have lunch with my long time friend and Moto YouTuber /professional taco hunter @every_single_sunday !

Travis recommended this absolutely killer spot in Temecula called @aztektacosrealmexicangrill . I went with 1 of the highly recommended GuesaTacos featuring the makings of street al pastor wrapped in melted and crusted cheese placed into a fresh corn tortilla.

2nd taco I picked was a lengua street taco with chopped tongue, cilantro, onions, lots of sauce and another super fresh corn tortilla.

3rd taco was the restaurants name sake taco, the Aztek Taco featuring carne asada, cilantro, onions, guacamole and delicious chopped nopales. 😋

Absolutely Killer spot and I would recommend.

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