TACO DAY 759/1000


I couldn’t think of a more perfect use of wild ground game meat then using it in fry bread tacos.

I lightly seasoned the ground beef in @mccormickspice Street tacos seasoning and cooked it up in a cast iron skillet with a little oil. While the meat cooked I shredded up some lettuce, cilanto and chopped up some of my wife’s home grown purple Cherokee tomatoes .

I cheated a bit on the fry bread tortillas by using pre-made dough from the store and they certainly performed their job to the best of their ability. I flattened a piece of dough out and placed into a hot pan of oil and fried it up until puffy and crispy.

Once ready, I coated the tortillas on guacamole, some cheese, and scoop in the bison meat. Next into the taco went the lettuce, cilantro, Mexican crema,  and chopped purp tomatoes.

For the grand finale I drizzled in an exuberant amount of @salsasmexicolindousa sauce all over each taco. This is definitely one of the best sauces available at my local carniceria. 


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