TACO DAY 760/1000


When asked what kind of tacos he was interested in for dinner my son hit me back with, “how bout potato tacos?”. Which was perfect because I’ve got a special little way I like to make my papas tacos and that’s with the tasty seduction of the chorizo right into the mashed taters.

Firstly I boil my potatoes up and as they finish I cook up the chorizo. Next I added the cooked chorizo into the potots as we mashed them with additional seasoning from @mccormickspice Street taco blend, butter, and some saltnpeppa.

With the chorizo’d up potatos ready, we warmed up some corn oil and fried them up inside tortillas. Once they came out of the oil I stuffed them full with cheese and as the tacos finished up I grabbed a trio and filled them with lettuce, cilantro, guacamole, and bacon.

Thanks to @thespicysister.ca these tacos were finished off in a wild Reaper Unleashed sauce from @mikeyvshotsauce that really had these tacos a blaze.


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