TACO DAY 761/1000


Had a nice relaxing evening at home with my wife and decided to take it easy. I had already picked up a bunch of meat from the carniceria and had my mind focused on making a salsa from the many pounds of grape sized tomatoes we’ve been harvesting.

While my charcoal was hashing over and heating up I took 2-300 tiny tomatoes and in small groups I blended them quickly and for just a few seconds to preserve any texture they may have because I like my salsa chunky. I had chopped the rest of the ingredients by hand the cilantro, red onion, jalapeno and with the addition of garlic, salt, lime juice, and oregano this became one of my favorite tasting and sweetest salsas ever.

Next I dropped my skirt steak over the fire along with a few strips of adobada meat. Once ready I chopped it all up and shoveled into a flour tortilla and coated with a scoop of salsa.

Simple and absolutely perfect tacos…….you know, in my opinion.


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