TACO DAY 762/1000


These tacos were inspired by the signature sandwiches from one of my favorite bbq spots in the country but the BBQ sauce is the reason these tacos.

I’ve been a huge fan of @jntsbbqsauce ever since I started seeing him at our local farmers market. I’ve tried lots of BBQ sauces before but the San Andreas infused with its orange, strawberry and Habanero flavors is simply the greatest.

With that being said, I grilled up some Tri Tip and sausage in the @charbroilgrills
Cb940 for about 1.5 hours. In that time I chopped up some red onion and pickles for the sausage BBQ taco and made a Southern slaw for the the tri tip. The slaw consisted of both red and green cabbage along with mayo, apple cider vinegar, pepper, bbq sauce, mustard, and honey. Holy smokes I got the recipe from @rynedoug .

Once the meat was ready I chopped it up and assembled all the ingredients on a flour tortilla and drizzled a healthy helping of San Andreas BBQ sauce on each taco.


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