TACO DAY 763/1000


Over 700 and we haven’t tried to to make a green chili chicken sandwich style taco??? My apologies for the abomination and I’m most definitely sorry for not opting to do this sooner because it was nuclear bomb diggity.

Over some hot coals I blackened up the Anaheim peppers and immediately dunked them into an ice cold water bath. This helped the skin to fall right off. I then removed the pepper meat and placed them into an aluminum foil envelope and brought it back over to the grill and placed it off set from the coals.

Next I grilled up some chicken that was seasoned with @blackstoneproducts Sweet Teriyaki . Once the meat was ready, I grabbed some hatch pepper infused corn tortillas and melted down some in some cheese into them and slathered in a layer of  @magohotsauce cream sauce (sour cream, mayo, & mago) . I placed a few Anaheims in each tortilla followed by a heaping mountain of grilled chicken and a little cabbage.  I finished up this taco with a thick slice of a purple Cherokee tomato and some @magohotsauce ghost pepper sauce.


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