TACO DAY 774/1000


While rummaging through the fridge yesterday I realized I had too many single serving sized containers of meat and they needed to go. So I did what any rational taco slaying enthusiast would do and got to tacoing.

1st taco was an adobada queso taco stuffed with red onion, cilantro and a green serrano salsa I made a a few days back.

2nd taco was a carne asada taco also with cilantro and red onion but with a super tasty Belizean style habanero salsa I made using the @mikeyvshotsauce cookbook.

3rd taco was a ground beef taco with some cheese, heirloom tomatoes, white onion and a habanero tomato salsa.

4th taco was inspired by a taco I got recently at @aztektacosrealmexicangrill . Over some cheese in a hot pan I piled in adobada, cilantro, red onion and green serrano salsa before rolling the cheese up and trapping the ingredients in a cheesy coffins that I placed inside a corn tortilla. Not as good as aztek but ill work on it.

5th taco was a bbq chicken and bacon taco with @jntsbbqsauce, cilantro and white onions.

Alll bomb and the sauces have improved dramatically in the time since I first made the.


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