TACO DAY 776/1000


While cruising the interwebs looking for local taco recommendations we came across a few photos of these absolutely wicked looking shrimp tacos from a new local pop up.

After some research we found out who they were, @the_baja_shrimp , a small family operation serving the entire inland Valley through these pop up events. We discovered they would be set up down the road so we ventured off to sample their signature tacos.

We ordered up a couple cucumber/lime agua frescas and their 3 baja style tacos.

1st was a breaded and fried up shrimp taco on a corn tortilla with a super cool pico de gallo and red cabbage slaw. This taco was recommended by the cook and was also my favorite of the 3.

2nd taco was a grilled shrimp taco on a corn tortilla with some grilled peppers and onions as well as some chipotle crema.

3rd taco was a surf and turf style absolutely LOADED up with steak shrimp, grilled peppers and onions.

These tacos were so packed with flavor you could easily tell how much love this family has put into their food and their business and I’m excited to watch them grow. Thanks for the hospitality!


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