TACO DAY 800/1000


There’s no better way to celebrate 800 days of straight tacos then going on a “little” local taco tour with my wife.

We started off thinking we could hit every single taco spot in the city but was a bit overly optimistic.  What we did accomplish was hitting 7 very delicious and very different locations and I’ll detail each location in separate posts.

We started off the Tour with a hard shell shredded beef taco from great people at @ranchitoelsinore .

2nd stop was @elburrolakeelsinore where we shared an adobada taco.

3rd stop was Veros Mexican and seafood where we  killed a Carne Asada Taco.

4th stop was at the downtown @michitacos where we smashed an insane queso birria taco

5th stop was across town at @myluckymachete_ where we switched it up and got a baja style fish taco.

6th stop was at @tacoselsinore2 where we picked up their namesake taco the “Elsinore taco”.

The 7th and final spot was the killer Birrieria Truck of @tacoschonchis who we visited last week also. There I finally tried the stoner queso birria taco.

For the evenings conclusion I loaded up the last of my collaboration with @ourbrew, the TacoSlayer800,  with some @gringolocobeercandy and @tajinusa
And called it a night.


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