TACO DAY 820/1000


I grew up in a household that served up these tacos atleast 3 times a month. All the memories come back when the first pop of hot oil hits my cheek while trying to fry up the tortillas. My pops would began dropping F bombs at that moment and the cooking got a little more aggressive from that point forward.

He sure loved filing his tacos up with ground beef with, tomatoes,cheese and a whole lot of La Victoria Mild Green Sauce. For me, I preferred my tacos with more heat and ALL THE TOPPINGS like these tacos I made last night.

First I seasoned and cooked my meat with @fireandsmokesociety Wicked Wynonna. After the beef was ready I fried up a whole bag of @elcomalproducts corn tortillas till crispy.

Here’s where the magic happens:
-layer of sour cream inside the shell to act as a bonding agent to the tortilla
-ground beef onto the “meat glue”
-lettuce in
-cheese in
-tomatoes in
-cilantro in
-salsa of choice in (I used home habanero and roja)
-queso fresco in (that’s 3 cheese  )
– sliced onions

And that is how I make the traditional tacos I grew up on but let me ask you something, what tacos did you grow up?


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