TACO DAY 830/1000

POST HIKE TACOS AT @tacos_ensenada_official

Never in my life have I been on a hike with a taco shop minutes from the trail, but dreams do come true so don’t stop dreaming…..write that down.

After slaying Jones Peak near Sierra Madre my brethren @sandwiches.and.cereal and I pulled out the trusty @lataco app and located Tacos Ensenada literally right down the street from where we parked. So with 7 miles of walking behind us, we found ourselves at one of the best seafood taquerias I’ve ever encountered.

I ordered up one Taco Baja which was full of breaded shrimp and fish, one taco de pescado, 2 tacos dorados de camaron, and an ice cold @sangriasenorialusa
To wash it all down. Maybe it was all the hiking but these tacos just hit different, they were insanely good.

After looking further into Tacos Ensenada It appears they have almost 10 locations in the Los Angeles area and they’re all open late.


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