TACO DAY 836/1000


Yesterday we met up with Johnathan, Jovanni, and Mel from the city of Lake Elsinore to film some promos for Next weekends #LETacoFest at @michitacos on Main St.

Michi’s was voted one of yelps top 15 Birria spots so naturally we had to order up a queso birria taco. The taco that blew my mind was their Michi’s Al Pastor taco. This taco sat on a killer hand made corn tortilla that was coated in melted cheese and piled high with  tasty Al Pastor meat. Some pineapple slices sat below a huge scoop of avocado sauce and cilantro. I dunked this taco in their creamy habanero sauce.

Cruise on out Saturday November 6th and have some tacos with me from 1pm to 6pm. It’s free to attend and there will be music, games and prizes!


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