TACO DAY 837/1000


Found a stash of Mahi Mahi at my local @wildomargroceryoutlet
and knew it had to be sentenced to “death by taco”.

Shannon battered the fish up real good before covering it with panko. Then I took the coated mahi² and fried it up in hot oil for a few minutes.

We built up the #mahimahi casket with a corn tortilla coated with crisp’d mozzarella cheese and a layer of tarter sauce. Over the fish we placed in a scoop of citus slaw(cilantro,cabbage, orange juice, lime juice, and red peppers) and a sprinkle of sliced red bell peppers (honestly the most important ingredient). Finally I drizzled on some homemade super hot Salsa Macha I made a few weeks back.

Off to the side is a little salsa that I made using the last of our garden fresh tomatoes my wife grew this year. It’s packed with fresno, serrano, and jalapenos she also grew.



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