TACO DAY 849/1000


I started making this sweet miso taco almost a year ago after watching a @gordongram
“Street taco” video. Every time we make it at home we modify the recipe a little bit. While the original was definitely delicious , we’ve morphed it into some much superior now.

I start by chopping up some prime steak into small strips apposed to searing up full steaks. This allows each piece of meat to get a proper cooked finish and absorb plenty of miso marinade flavors afterwards, atleast from my experience.

I only season the meat with salt and pepper, but once finished cooking I drop it into a marinade of red miso paste, brown sugar, white wine vinegar, pepper, and @secretaardvark
Drunken Garlic black bean sauce. I let the beef soak in the mixture while I prepare a slaw.

I had picked up a Napa cabbage earlier that we shredded up before mixing with vinegar, red peppers, miran and a little more Drunken garlic.

Finally with a little mayo, a little sour cream and a whole Lotta red chile paste I made a spicy spread that would coat the toasted flour tortillas. Next I loaded up the Sweet miso beef, the Drunken garlic cabbage slaw before laying down a few passes of @yellowbirdsauce
Sriracha! Soooo full if flavor.

This will definitely be a taco I’ll be revisiting real soon for a more detailed video and recipe. 😉


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