TACO DAY 857/1000


Just a couple days ago @rick_bayless
posted up a killer video of some tasty looking potato chorizo tacos. The recipe looked simple enough for my skill set so we gave it a try.

While cooking up chorizo I added in some onions to get simultaneously carmalized. Rick suggests adding bacon grease into the mixture so I also added in a few pieces of bacon also.

During the 7 or 8 minutes the chorizo and onion bonded together I chopped up a few golden potatoes into cubes and popped them in the microwave for a few minutes until cooked through. Afterwards I mixed the potato cubes into the chorizo and onions and let this trio get familiar for a until the potatoes were a little charred as recommended for maximum flavor by chef yogi himself.

I used a few Sonora style flour tortillas as my vessel and piled in the chorizo concoction and topped with an avocado, cilantro and homemade salsa verde. Finally, with a little @mariesharpsusa Hot Habanero Sauce I cranked the heat up to 11 and devoured the simple super tasty tacos.


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