TACO DAY 920/1000 Classic Ground Beef Tacos

TACO DAY 920/1000

ClassicGround Beef Tacos

Last night I found myself making dinner alone so I figured why not make some old school ground beefers with BACON!!

First I made a couple pieces of bacon in a pan and once done I used the bacon juice to cook up the ground beef in and then I flavored this meat up with @kindersflavors Taco Blend.

After the beef was ready I realized that I had no oil to fry my tortillas in so I tried the oven hack where I cranked the oven up and placed the tortillas right on the rack. Surprisingly they folded right up to a crisp.

Next I layered in sour cream, ground beef, vinegar soaked lettuce, cilantro, cheese, bacon shards, onions and copious amounts of the amazingly delicious Ban Helsing Hot Sauce from @inchrees.theheat . This sauce was so different than any other sauce I’ve ever had with a mix of banana, yellow bell pepper, jalapenos, carolina reapers, coconut juice and apple cider vinegar but it was unique and super tasty.


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