TACO DAY 921/1000


A couple days back we found out about @zephyrmountaingrove , a local wildomar avocado & citrus Grove that does public “pickins” and naturally we had to drop by for a visit.

The Zephyr is over 20 acres and sits atop the city to watch incredible sun rises. They even have primitive camp sites available to catch those sunrises.
We picked 3 varieties of avocados, limes, oranges, satsumas and they had their own chicken and duck eggs available that they farm. In fact the chickens were running around “free ranging” while we we’re picking the fruits.

Fast forward to yesterday when I took those eggs and mixed in some chorizo and piled that mixture into a few flour tortillas. I topped each taco with a little cilantro, purple onions and a sliver of a Mexicola Grande avocados to grace the top. To complete my locally sourced chorizo tacos I drizzled in some of my own TacoSlayers Trinidad scorpian Hot sauce.



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