TACO DAY 927/1000


Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk with the @spillthesaucepodcast and during that conversation my brain recalled a time when my father would make me tacos as a child. Those memories sit on the mental mantle I keep in my head with all of my Dads important life lessons.

My father loved his ground beef tacos but was not the most fluent in the kitchen and it was a constant struggle as he was a single dad just trying to figure it out. He’d chop up lettuce, tomato, and grate up cheddar cheese and pan cook the ground beef with the 59 cent packet of taco seasoning. Then every week, with out fail, my dad would try to fry the tortillas up without his shirt on. Hot grease would splatter on him and he’d shout as though the oil was intentionally attacking him. I miss that guy.

Anyways, last night I made some ground beef tacos of my own only I fried up my tortillas with my shirt on and cooked at a lower slightly lower temp. Some of his best lessons weren’t necessarily in the form of verbal advice.


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