TACO DAY 962/1000


Yesterday Shannon and I took delivery of a couple brand new machines for our sticker business @seriouslystickers. With all the organizing and moving things around to make room we opted to destroy some leftover tacos rather than making anything new.

Luckily I had some left over adobada meat that I chopped and cooked in a pan with pineapple. I tossed the fixings in a cheesy surfaced flour tortilla with a base layer of Guacamole. Next I added the cilantro, red onion, a little “mexican crema” over the top before dousing these tacos in copious amounts of @hi_spice hot sauce. First it was just the pineapple ginger but ever bite required a few drops of the Lava Lime, lilikoi, or papaya Guava HI Spice sauces.



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