TACO DAY 963/1000 Pulled Pork Tacos

TACO DAY 963/1000

Pulled Pork Tacos

Yesterday we pulled out a couple pounds of pre seasoned Santa Maria style pork roast from @adaptablemeals . The pork was basically ready to throw into a slow cooker for a few hours and all I had to prep were some toppings.

First I readied up some red onions by slicing them then soaking them in lime juices, then mashed a couple avocados and chopped up a bushel of cilantro.

After 3.5 hours of slow cooking my meat was ready to shred and while I probably could have served the tacos at this point I wanted to give the pork a carnitas crunch. I rendered out some bacon grease and fried the shredded pork in it for a few minutes giving the meat a phenomenal texture.

Next I melted a little Oaxaca queso to a flour tortilla and scooped in the pork followed by a little cilantro and a huge helping of lime soaked red onions before being straddled by a mound of guacamole. I finished these tacos off with a drizzling of the tasty ” green munster” verde hot sauce from @infernofarms!!




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