TACO DAY 990/1000


Probably the first taco that really made people angry was this @innout animal style TACO almost 800 days ago. I trotted around the interwebz to find out how the ground beef was seasoned, what the spread recipe was, and even how they carmalize their onions all so could apply that knowledge to my taco. As the 1000th day comes closer I thought it would be cool to revisit this tacoslayer classic.

First I prepared the spread using mayo, ketchup,sweet relish, white vinegar and a little sugar. After mixing everything I let it rest in the fridge so the flavors could make sweet love together.

Next, I chopped up my veggies and placed some onions into a hot skillet to carmalize. I cooked the ground beef afterwards in that same pan with seasoning and MUSTARD!

finally I put my tacos together on flour tortillas with a fat layer of spread, ground beef, cheese, lettuce, grilled onions, tomato and a relish of those small yellow pickled peppers which is how I like my Burgers 😋



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